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Hi! My name is Leslie

I am the founder of
La Lune des Fraises

which means
“Strawberry Moon”
in French

I am a free spirit, but most importantly: I am a creative spirit! In 2020, I decided to act upon my dreams by working on making those of others come true. Strange year to do so some might say! But I seized this opportunity nevertheless!

My missions as a graphic designer and videographer?

🍓 Assisting professionals to develop their brand identity
🍓 designing personalized marketing materials
🍓 creating unique web designs for CMS powered websites (WordPress, Wix…)
🍓 and proposing a tailor-made video expertise to promote professional services or products!

What can I expect from working with
La Lune des Fraises?

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La Lune des Fraises also proposes freebies to download in just a few clicks if you feel like working on some aspects of your business communication or development strategies on your own.

You might find a thing or two to put in your treasure box (ie. your lovely brain). Ain’t I smooth… 😉

Work on your ideal customer profile with this exercice template by La Lune des Fraises.

Why should you care about finding and developing your brand identity?

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.

Walter Landor, brand designer and founder of Landor.
  • I am going to start by sharing a statement stemming from my own experience.
    To me, founding and developing a business is one of the most personal thing someone can do. Why? Because by doing so we do not merely develop a structure, we develop a vision with values that we deem worth sharing.
    In order to take the right step in the right direction for our business’ sake, we need to understand the intricacies of our brand identity and what it has to offer our audiences.

  • I see it like a recipe: take a fair amount of aspirations, sprinkle with amazing products or services, coat with awesome values… TADA! 🍓+ ✨ = 🍰
    Since each business is unique, how about artfully mixing all of these awesome ingredients that make yours so distinctive to create your one-of-a-kind brand recipe? Visual yumminess should be what we aim for!
  • Relying on a sleek professional brand design helps better conveying the ideas and concepts behind your products and services, but also conveys a feeling of trust and professionalism on your target audiences’ side.

  • A well crafted branding identity also allows your communities of customers to bond more spontaneously with your brand by identifying and recognizing its values at a glance.
    So give yourself the opportunity to be seen, but most importantly, work on making your brand instantly recognizable.

  • By building a unique and consistent branding universe you will save yourself a lot energy relying on an established visual communication strategy. It’ll just be far easier for you or your collaborators to communicate online and offline with reliable communication guidelines close at hand!

  • Don’t forget to take advantage of online marketing practices! Web-design wise, make sure to gain a better SEO referencing of your website by relying on optimized web interfaces in accordance with smartphone consultations requirements. But make sure to prolong your brand identity online while doing so!

Want to know the story behind La Lune des Fraises?

About me!

I have been working as a freelancer within the fields of video creation and graphic design for over 4 years 🥳

I founded La Lune des Fraises in 2020 with the idea in mind that brand design and well crafted contents empower professionals in the development of their activity and the advertisement of their offers.

As a freelancer, I aim at accompanying business owners in the process of creating the right momentum for their professional project. I cannot tell you how rewarding it is for me to receive your feedback following our collaborations!


Leslie is very professional and caring and has made sure to remain available over the entire course of our collaboration.

She delivered a work of quality, notably by always keeping in mind my initial request and by inputting further meaning and consistency in her work process, which led to a great result.

Sens En Équilibre

I am truly satisfied with my website’s creation.

Leslie answered all my expectations regarding this work.

Her friendly ear and warm advices made this collaboration even more enjoyable.

Thank you Leslie for your creativity and professionalism.

Institut Franco-portugais de Coaching, Hypnose et Thérapies Brèves

I love the identity Leslie managed to give to our video while making sure to answer all our expectations.

She never lost track of our original concept!

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