🇬🇧 Building Your Customer Avatar Step by Step: Download Your Free Guide

Hi everyone! I am so happy to finally be able to talk about the concept of customer avatar in marketing with you, while also making available to download a fun learning content, for free!
It was a long term project I was finally able to carry through!
The content of this ‘freebie’ includes:

  • a detailed methodology summing-up all relevant information you should gather about your customer avatars profiles, illustrated with concrete examples in order to guide you through your own thought process ;
  • + a blank exercice template that you can rely on in order to work on your ideal customer profile!

I would like to take advantage of this blog post’s content in order to take some time to clearly define the concept of customer avatar. We will see below why exactly it is important to work on this specific step of your business’ marketing strategy. If you clearly manage to identify who your target audience members are, then you’ll be able to start thinking and working on successful marketing campaigns!

Defining the Concept Of Customer Avatar

If you have already started gathering knowledge about marketing practices, the concept of customer avatar should be familiar to you.

In marketing, the customer avatar embodies your ideal customer profile. You might have noticed already that launching campaigns without knowing whom to address (ie. your target audience) leads to wasting time, resources and energy. Because very often, if not always, the results of these campaigns are very disappointing with low conversion rates and too few actions taken.

The thing is: one of the (many) secrets to unlock successful marketing campaigns is to know in detail who your customer avatar is, their habits, their points of pain, their aspirations… and so on!

Why is it so important to know my ideal customer’s profile?

When reading the methodology I’m sharing with you, you will realize that gathering information about your customer avatar will allow you to not only know how to address them, but also where (on which social media, through which magazine’s ad section…), and when (in the morning when the kids are having breakfast, or commuting in the evening…). Of course, all these information will give you myriads of insights that may even help you think about new products or services expressly designed to answer your ideal customer’s needs and aspirations!

I’m not telling you more than that as I fear being redundant with the content I am sharing with you. But one thing is for sure: do not let your ideal customers find your business « by chance ». Because that is not going to happen. Go find them, and to do so, you need to know their profile by heart!

I remain available if you happen to have any question
or feedback to share about this freebie!
Have fun working on it!

Publié par Leslie de Oliveira

Fondatrice de La Lune des Fraises - Conseils en communication digitale et création de contenus graphiques, vidéo et audio. Founder of La Lune des Fraises - Digital Communication Advising and Content Creation.

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