🇬🇧 Seedling Paper: a Sustainable Alternative to Enhance your Print Media Campaigns.

Du papier ensemencé pour un futur fleuri. Journée mondiale de l'environnement. Promouvoir des pratiques marketing responsables.

Give a second life to your printed media.

Today, June 5th, we celebrate World Environment Day. It seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me to share an alternative to the “mere recycling” of your printed media. I am talking about seedling paper, of course!

Beyond the recycling of your printed media.

Nowadays, when a marketing or communication manager starts working on a print media campaign, they have got into the habit of using recycled papers and environmentally friendly inks rather than resorting to more polluting alternatives.

Beyond the fact that it is essential to limit the impact of our professional activity on the planet, it is important to understand that a company or brand image are also impacted by their capacity or incapacity to adopt sustainable communication practices.

How many time did I, as a prospect or customer, feel totally powerless in the face of the sheer amount of flyers I received by mail? Most of the time, said flyers usually end up straight in my recycling bin ♻️.

Even if the best reflex as a marketing or communication manager in this case would be to reconsider sending printed media by mail at all, there are lovely and sustainable alternatives existing that are allowing to give flyers, business cards, envelops… any printed media really! A second life in our gardens.

Create emotion and memories around your printed media.

Beyond the message that you plan to print on your media, its goal is to leave a lasting impression on your addressees’ mind thanks to the originality of the seedling paper’s appearance and potential.

You can choose a seedling paper’s “content” among a varied selection of seeds that you might want to consider in the light of your campaign’s objectives. Would you rather go for honey plants (meant to be visited by insects), aromatic herbs, vegetables or fruits? Your pick!

How to turn a seedling paper into plants?

Be it in a garden or in a pot, it is quite simple to germinate seedling paper.

Exemple de papier ensemencé en germination.

All you need to do is to moisten the paper, bury it in the soil, water it and then wait for a few days to admire the first results’ of your plants’ growth!

What kind of printed media formats can I order as seedling paper?

According to your needs, lots of formats are available to order: envelops, tags, business cards, bookmarks, flyers, bags, packagings… This list is far from being comprehensive!

What kind of graphics design shall I avoid using on seedling paper?

In order to better enhance the beauty of seedling paper, avoid using solid background colours. Go for smaller designs that you can easily organize and reorganize on your media.

If I had a final word to share before closing this topic, it would be that any company has an interest in using seedling paper based media to promote their services or products. Because a company has nothing to lose going “greener”, and also because I can assure you that your printed media will definitely leave a lasting impression on their recipient’s mind!

If you are considering ordering seedling paper based printed media and would like to order perfect and personalized graphics design to adorn them, I remain available to chat about your project!

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