🇬🇧 New Video Trailer “Made in Aberdeen”

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you La Lune des Fraises’ latest video trailer.

I felt I missed the opportunity to promote my video service and expertise in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire so far. I really wanted to show another part of my skills beyond the “artsy” video productions and the more corporate video contents I previously shared (ITW, demo video and presentation video).

So here it is!

La Lune des Fraises’ Video Trailer made in Aberdeen

What I also wanted to say here is that creating quality content is not bound to always be super time consuming or expensive. But you have to be flexible and imaginative to work with what you have if you cannot spend a lot of money or time on a creative project 👇

4 hours

is the time I spent walking and video shooting from 6.30 am. I wanted to capture the vibrance of the Summer morning light in Aberdeen. This gives the video its grey, white and blue tones!

3 hours

is the time I spent editing this 25 seconds of trailer as well as inserting titles and subtitles, selecting the music track and fine tuning the editing on said music track. Of course, I anticipated the editing’s needs during the shooting.


is the software I used to edit this video. I did not rely on a professional one like Premiere Pro.
I was curious to see if I could produce something qualitative with a free software. And yes!

Would you like me to do a tutorial or future blog post about dynamic editing and/or video transitions? Because I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and this trailer shows several examples of them! Let me know!

You would like to order video content?

I remain available to answer your queries

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