Behind La Lune des Fraises

Even though I’ve been working as a freelancer since 2016, I have “found” and developed my current visual identity at the beginning of 2020.

I finally knew what shape my business would take as soon as I gained more insights about myself and my projects.

Following this introspective work, all I had to do left was relying on a tried-and-tested methodology in order to clearly identify my values, set my goals, formulate my aspirations, and so on! Ultimately, La Lune des Fraises came to be.

Why La Lune des Fraises?

La Lune des Fraises (eg. Strawberry Moon) is the last moon of springtime occurring each year in June.

It heralds the arrival of summertime and marks our ecosystems’ peak of fructification.

To me, it is a reminder that everything and every process in the universe is cyclic. It starts with the germination of an idea – an intangible concept – that then develops itself so it starts properly existing into the world. Then it comes into full bloom, is harvested, and goes to rest.
And here we go again.

Germination, development, coming to bloom, harvesting, resting.

This is the real magic of our world. A hard working kind of magic, a patient process that requires perseverance, faith and gentleness in the making as well as an acute awareness of others and our environment in order to obtain exciting and sustainable results.

You cannot possibly leapfrog to the step that interests you most. Because ultimately all stages of a cyclic process are interesting and necessary in order to ensure the healthy growth of a project.

Finding my true colors

I am not merely talking about my brand color palette.

Finding a brand’s true colors means identifying its values and aspirations and then working to convey them to third parties as best as possible thanks to a well crafted visual communication strategy. We must feel confident sharing with the world our brand identity!

Some of my values
The meaning behind my main color palette

Blue 路 Purple












A challenging color to pick since it is usually used to convey lazy ideas of “femininity” in marketing.

But I wanted to own this color’s meaning back.

Also because I love the idea of a pink moon in a dark sky.

If you would like to get to know me better, learn more about my values, read some wee anecdotes about me, come meet me here on my “Who am I?” page!