« My name is Leslie de Oliveira »

I am a content creator in the realms of graphic design, videography and podcast production,
as well as a social media marketing consultant.

Beyond sharing an expertise and a savoir-faire dedicated to the online success of business owners,
I am convinced that the services I am proposing to professionals should be indifferently offered to small, medium as well as larger businesses.

Every company should seize the creative opportunities and analytics tools that are currently available online and that are designed to help them expand the visibility of their brand.

This regardless of what their ambitions are.

Leslie de Oliveira

Free spirit and little hands behind La Lune des Fraises.

My missions

Crafting the unique identity as well as developing the online presence of one’s business should not be a luxury reserved to companies who can afford a whole team of marketing specialists, nor should it be something that should be overlooked.

Convinced that the consumers that we are wish to rely more and more on local businesses in order to answer our needs, I wish to connect with business owners and professionals sharing the same ideals in order to help them render visible their business online, thus reaching connected yet local customers.

My services

Digital Marketing

Video Shooting and Editing

Podcast Production

La Lune des Fraises, digital communication agency and content creation.

I remain available to exchange with you about your company’s uniqueness and your communication projects.

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