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From freebies to mini tutorials: explore La Lune des Fraises’ fun and useful content at your own leisure.

I founded La Lune des Fraises because I wanted to provide quality personalized creative services to business owners. This blog is here to prolong this desire to provide advice and guidance around creative or marketing practices.

Latest articles

🇬🇧 A.I.D.A methodology in marketing

A.I.D.A is an acronym for a marketing technique allowing to memorize the 4 steps through which a potential customer will “journey” before taking a final decision (ie. subscribing to a service, buying a product, downloading your freebies…).

A method to keep close at hand, particularly when creating marketing content.

🇬🇧 New Video Trailer “Made in Aberdeen”

I wanted to share with you La Lune des Fraises’ latest video trailer! I wanted to take this opportunity to stress that creating quality content is not bound to always be super time consuming or expensive. But you have to be flexible and imaginative to work with what you have if you cannot spend a lot of money or time on a creative project.


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