Visual Communication

What creative process hides behind
the development of your visual identity?

When purchasing commodities, we usually understand instantly what our investment will bring us in return. But when it comes to investing a budget in something as seemingly intangible as a service, it may be trickier to visualize what the project will induce and what gain will be drawn from your investment.

Knowing this, let’s take some time here to detail the different stages of La Lune des Fraises visual communication service in order for you to understand what to expect from our collaboration 🍓✨

But first, can we focus a minute on what
brand design is specifically?

To me, a brand identity is one of the most fascinating aspect of a business presence.
And so it is for many customers out there as well!
A well crafted brand identity helps a business stand out from their competitors, be it thanks to a unique logo, well selected and used typographies, or a consistent visual communication strategy that successfully leaves its imprints in people’s mind! A brand identity is the sum of several elements that will give a more assertive, authentic presence to your business.

Your brand identity cannot be developed sustainably without including you at every stage of the creative process.

This is why there is nothing more important for me than working hand in hand with you from start to finish. It ranges from taking into consideration the story behind your business creation and development, your goals, to celebrating your business values and everything that makes you unique in order to deliver the best, most relevant and personalized content possible to your eyes!

There is nothing more important than to know who we are in order to keep going in the right direction.

Working on your business identity can have so much positive impact on your motivation and self-confidence as well!

This being said, I’m expecting my service not to hold anymore secrets from you by the end of your reading! But if that’s the case, do not hesitate to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to answer your queries!

🍓1. Planning a call

Because we gotta start somewhere, let’s get to know each other by sharing a real or virtual cuppa on Zoom, Team or Hangout. Let’s take this opportunity to create a little bubble of time where nothing else matter but you, your ideas, your business and your project. Chat time!

Following this chat, time for me to send you several quote proposals. Once one is validated, I start to work on a retro-planning of your project’s different tasks while undertaking stage 2!

🍓2. Creative Briefing

In order for me to have all the right cards in hands to work on your project, I will need to receive some key information about your business or organization. Time to fill in a little Branding Questionnaire whose answers I will rely on to start working on your unique corporate identity and visual communication elements!

Following the analysis of your Branding Questionnaire’s answers, time for me to undertake some research and work on several mood boards!

🍓3. Creation & proposals

Time for brewing some ideas! This is the stage where I work on several mood boards, visual concepts or mock-ups. You pick the one that resonates the most with you and your project, and that’s where proper designing can begin!

At that stage, let’s catch-up so I can fully take note of your feedback and input and start working on the proper design and design variations of your project: step 4!

🍓4. Design & variations

Now that I know what concept suits you best, time for me to design it on DTP softwares.

It’s also the stage where I am working on designing your design’s variations that we previously agreed upon developing! Exciting!

That’s it, let’s fine tune what needs to be fine tuned in order for me to deliver the most perfect content possible to you! Aaand that’s a wrap!

🍓5. Delivery

Time for me to send you your designs and design variations ready to be used! Be it your logo, your graphic charter, your social media banners…

I’m sharing with you different file’s options and sizes to make sure the media you ordered is best adapted to your communication goals!

When needed, I am also sending you a general guideline detailing the information of your design. To keep close at hand!

About the duration and fee of La Lune des Fraises creative services

Since all professionals have different needs to address, projects’ are consequently all unique. The duration spent on developing each project cannot possibly be the same.

However, I can give you general information about the time duration + fee of an exhaustive brand identity development.

Regarding taylor-made projects, personalized quotes will definitely cover all the specifics they involve. Contact me today to ask for your quote! Doing so will not commit you to anything 🤗 but it will give you a clearer picture of your project’s realization for sure!

  • Complete brand design
Estimated duration + fee
  • 1 month duration min.
    Between £2 100 and £3 100.
    Possibility to pay in 3 installments.

Other creative projects

  • Logo creation

  • A5 double-sided leaflet

  • Graphic charter creation
Duration estimation + estimated fee
  • Ask for a personalized quote!

  • Ask for a personalized quote!

  • Ask for a personalized quote!

Any other project or content idea in mind?
Feel free to share them with me!

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