Leslie’s Creative Services

Whether you are looking to design a logo, develop a graphic charter or work on an exhaustive brand design, let’s do this together!

Your brand identity

If you could bottle up your brand identity, what would it turn out to be?

Your values, your dreams, your aims… We define them together and turn this “fuel of the soul” into amazing contents conveying your business aspirations and visual communication!

Always wondered how you would be accompanied in the process of developing your visual identity?
Follow the guide!

Video production

Yuzu Video by La Lune des Fraises takes care of crafting unique professional videos to share wherever you want to! On social media, Youtube, any learning platform you like to communicate on, your website, a newsletter… Possibilities are… Well, endless!

Want to level-up your business visibility and campaigns?

Build-up a website that looks just like your professional project.


A consistent online presence is great to prolong your corporate identity online.

Make also sure your website is smartphone-friendly, unique and offering a great user experience!

Illustrations and designs

personalize your marketing materials, goodies and stationaries!

You would like to order a few visuals for ad hoc campaigns? Or personalize some goodies to give away to your customers, and so on? I remain available to discuss about your projects with you. Contact me today to chat about your needs!

Bookmarks, flyers, posters, business cards, email signatures… Choose your media, I’m taking care of delivering it and proposing sustainable marketing options too!

Feeling like exchanging

about your project?