Graphic Design

Developing Your Business’ Visual Identity

You would like to strengthen or think anew the identity of your business.
You may or may not have ideas, but you need someone to get advices from and to carry projects out.

I am here to help you out!

Logo creation, graphic designs of digital and printed contents, etc.

Name your needs, La Lune des Fraises will carry them out for you.

Creation of Promotional Contents Designed for Digital Environments

You would like to increasingly rely on online campaigns for your business -by launching social media ad campaigns for example- and promote quality personalized contents to your audiences.

Pick your format, share your ideas, and start promoting contents that look just like your business!

Feeling like sharing contents designed in other languages in order to reach international audiences? Grand idea! La Lune des Fraises proposes to translate your promotional contents in French, and to get you in touch with translators regarding other translation’s needs.

Creation of Printed Media (Go Green! 🌱)

La Lune des Fraises is committed to limit its environmental footprint, be it linked to its own activity or to the needs of its customers.
This is why La Lune des Fraises will always inform you about the greenest options available in terms of printing materials and practices available if you plan to order printed media for more traditional campaigns 💚

Website Design

In order to prolong the identity of your brand up to the finest virtual detail, demand contents that both fit your business’ values and image ✅ and is optimized for mobile phones consultation ✅

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I asked Leslie to work on my visual storytelling’s idea and I am more than pleased with the result she delivered.

I particularly appreciated her kindness and her availability over the duration of this collaboration. Moreover, I am a fan of her visual style!

Following this successful experience, I will ask her to help me set into place online marketing campaigns on social networks in order to promote my

Anne de Vanssay
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