« A podcast is a media companies should seriously consider relying on, along « more traditional » ones, in order to promote their expertise to curious and informed audiences. »

Just like video or graphic design, podcasting is another media a business can -and must- draw advantages from within the frame of online communication campaigns and marketing strategies.

Why is that?

Throughout carefully prepared and planned episodes, you will be able to build other kinds of bridges and understandings between your business and your online communities-slash-connected customers.

Digital audio is a resource that needs to be increasingly used by businesses in order to promote their brand online.

Why considering setting into place a podcast?

  • In our modern societies where we benefits from shorts moments of attentions’ span from our followers and customers, a podcast is one of the sole events where you get to speak more lengthily to an audience about topics that are dear to you and to your brands’ values.
  • It allows you to set into place a space that is more adapted to exchange and pedagogy.
  • Take advantage of this unique format to build bridges with your audiences by making them part of your episodes.

  • Develop the loyalty of your audiences and build their expectations before the release of each new episode. The key being to plan and set into place a calendar of production and recording that allows to deliver episodes regularly.
  • Reach your audiences everywhere and at any moment of their day thanks to this ideal format.
  • Podcasting is a cheap yet effective media that, if well developed, can be closely linked to the identity of your brand and assert the authority of your business.

A podcast format can either be documentary of fictional. You get to decide which one best fit your brand’s values and message.

For example, if you are an outdoor sportswear shop, you might consider planning episodes with interviews of guests sharing their best hiking places, their best experiences of outdoor practicing, their advices regarding the choice of equipments to use, what philosophy of life sport allows them to nurture… These are only but a few examples!

To launch the production of a podcast and to make sure it will be sustainable, you need to consider allocating a dedicated budget to it, and to prepare a solid preliminary work regarding the writing of your episodes, or their interviews’ preparation.

You would also need a technical expertise in order to get a professional recording and audio editing of your episodes, and finally, consider a broadcasting strategy that is adapted to your aims.

Through La Lune des Fraises, I remain available to discuss with you about your podcast project, and beyond mere advising, I can deliver the technical expertise you might want to rely on to carry out your project, and that I gained thanks to my experience on the ground as a podcaster.

I remain available to discuss with you about your project, contact me today.

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