Video Marketing

« Relying on the video format in order to better share stories. »

Telling stories in relation to your brand and business can be successfully achieved in a matter of impactful seconds, provided it is well written and perfectly presented to your customers.

Teaser, promotional video, introduction video or video demo, the video format is simply the media to rely on to best promote your business within the frame of online communication campaigns, notably on social platforms where it is the most appreciated of all media according to users’ practices and habits.

La Lune des Fraises covers every steps of your video project,

from script writing to shooting, and finally, to the edition of your final video.

Why adopting the video format to promote your business

  • It is a format that scores high engagement rates on social networks.

  • it is increasingly used on corporate websites as much as smaller businesses’…

  • … and also within the frame of mass mailing communication strategies (newsletters, emailing campaigns).
  • It is a media that allows to convey lot of emotions: it can be fun, moving, striking…

  • well designed introduction videos can convince customers to take action and buy or subscribe to your services… Sometimes, images tell more than long speeches!

  • … and video demos can ease your customer support process in ways you would not expect.


I love the identity Leslie managed to give to our video while answering all our expectations.
All of this while keeping in mind our original concept!

The aesthetics were worked upon with great care and accuracy.

Emilie Bandhavong
choreographer and interpret

I remain available to further exchange about your video project.

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